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Niche profit classroom founder 2005 Hi my name is Michael Goodman. Welcome to my niche profit classroom. Since 2005 I have made 100% of my income from building  web-solutions for smart passive income ideas. I am so incredibly grateful to all those individuals that have helped me become a success.

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During the last 3 years the vast majority of my time and energy has been devoted to helping people like you earn extra money online by teaching them blogging for profit.

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Giving you time to relax and live the life of your dreams!

Coaching ordinary Men and Women with ‘smart passive income ideas’ helping those people realise their hopes and dreams by meeting their needs first.

familyMy new mission is to help 10,000 new people finally realise their full potential and generate lifelong passive income online with niche profit classroom.

This new website is dedicated to bringing my coaching success offline to the online space, revealing my best kept niche profit secrets.


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How did you achieve success? smart-passive-income-ideas“The truth is that in order to gain anything in this life what I have learned is that you need to give value to others first!”

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Susan Wilding

“Sharing Ideas and giving support, guidance, encouragement and practical solutions that help other people meet their needs is  the ‘best service’ that we can provide, because it’s the only thing people truly want to buy from us”.  Niche site example liquid diet recipes by Niche profit classroom  Liquid Diet Plan

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